Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sample Muzik : Anniversary

If you listen to Hip hop its a million percent chance you have heard a sample from a song of the past. I for one love samples because it puts me on music that otherwise I would have never heard of, or took the time to listen too. Because of my age and my taste you know ? I think producers like Kanye West, Justice L.E.A.G.U.E and 9th Wonder are some of the best samplers in the game right now. They know how to sample and sample very well.
Imma start something new on my blog where we look at a song that took a sample from an old song and then the original song and today we're gonna start with Tony ! Toni ! Tone ! classic song for the lovers "Anniversary" . Now this song was sampled by New Jersey Lyricist Joe Buddden on a deep track off of his Classic Mixtape Mood Muzick 2 "If I Die Tommorrow" take a listen to both.
The Orginal

The Sample

"I might get frusrated fuckign with the hood son,but everyday above ground is a good one" - Joe Budden


Tony ! Toni ! Tone ! song was also sampled by the lastest Young Money recruit Short Dawg on his latest mixtape :SouthernFlameSpitta Vol. 3" , It's titled "Choosin Me" and Short's wordplay as always is on point as he tells his girl fuck the rumors and the bullshit all that matters is you and me.Real laid back and cut track, check it out

Extra Extra Bonus thanks to my man from JediKnight'sSon from boxden, I now know this Tony,Toni,Tone song was also sampled in a Ja Rule song titled "Murda Me" another song that fits the mood Ja just wanna "Murda The Puss" LOL I dig it listen below


Monday, December 21, 2009

Nicki Minaj Female Rap's Savior ?

Like it or not it seems that the fans have chosen the new savior of female Hip Hop. One of the few who stand out and a land where male dominate Nicki Minaj has made a statement in such a short time.From Going head to head and bar for bar with the Biggest Superstar in Hip Hop in Lil Wayne to trading verses with the hottest street artist in Gucci Mane to holding her own against New Jersey rhyme spitter Joe Budden in the BET Cypher to having a very dope Mixtape, I think its safe to say that Nicki Minaj is here to stay.

Some people may hate on her or her female brigade that call them "Barbies" but you cant hate on her and deny the fact that she has been grinding for everything she has gotten so far.I remember watching her on The Comeup Street DVD like 3 years back and I was like she was dope.I never thought she would be this huge this fast honestly. But like her label mate Drake she has found a patch for herself where the girls love her and wannabee like her some even wanna feel on her cookies and all the dudes will throw it in the bag for her,

Dont let her Looks fool you tho, accompanied by a energy and wacky sometimes cartoonish character, Nicki spits them ILL bars. Her flow like the president of her label is pretty effin crazy.She's very diverse , she also sings if you didnt know (checkout "Handstand" ft. Shanell and Lil Wayne's "Knockout").And she does well if I must say., is she as political as a Lauryn Hill ? No, Is she as vulgar as a Lil Kim ? sometimes...but is she her own rapper and unique in her own way ? Hell yeah she is !!

Not to mention the love she shows to her "barbies" and her "Ken's" which is very genuine,she goes on ustream and call her fans, she takes pics, she retweets and talks to them on twitter, she might even "SIGN YA BOOBS", her connection with her fans is a very close one, which is why some of them ride for her so hard. The barbie movement is a very big one, proably the biggest movement in hip hop right now and in urban neighborhood in America there's more than likely atleast one barbie.

The crazy thing is she doesnt even have an album out yet !! And she already is on tours and doing big time guest features and it's just beginning. Nicki has the full package the tasty looks, the go getter attitude, the exciting personality and the bomb ass music. No matter what you say you cant deny she is the last of a dying breed of female rappers and if the harajuku barbie is the choice we have as the female who will reign supreme in Hip Hop then in my opinion that wouldnt be a bad choice at all........
"Write it down take a picture bitches e-mail that, I came to save a thing called Female rap" - Nicki Minaj on "Can Anybody Hear me"

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Flashback of The Day : Sho Nuff

This song right is slappin !! so southern and throwed as them boys in H Town would say. Some real playa shit , real slick and cool the beat make u wanna leaaannn and just make u feel cool. Old School Hip Hop from them Memphis boys Tela and 8ball and MJG, Damn 8ball and MJG was so dope back in the day..... Sit back and enjoy leeaan if u wanna just dont stand too close to the edge ya diggg

"We can smoke on mad trees after you get up off of your knees" - 8Ball

Bonus : Lil Twist ft. Short Dawg and Trai'D - Laid Back , Twist happened to sample this song YM Salute !!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Flashback of The Day : Fuckfaces

This song right here is just so smooth,The Beat is so melodic and chill.The Hook by Devin the Dude is doopppee. And it features 3 cool ass niggas. One being one of the greatest rappers ever in Scarface, another being a one of the west coast pioneers, pimpin in the flesh Too Short and another being a fly ass nigga named Tela. Old school hip hop real chill mane just relax and listen.... and if a girl around exchange fuck faces...not with ya sister tho....CHILL

"man she had an ass so fat, you couldnt palm it with Shaquille hands,it seemed to me she had the whole world in her pppaannnttss" - Face

Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's Up To Me

As you might or might not know im a huge Lil Wayne fan. The boy has been doing this rap thing for quite a long time now over 12 years if im not mistaking.Over the years he has dropped classic verses, classic songs, classic mixtapes and classic albums. This may very well be his best song ever. A young weezy at 17 years young spills his heart over a dope Mannie Fresh beat accompanied by his Hot Boy brother Turk,On his first album ever "Tha Block is Hot" Wayne talks to his father who he lost in a fatal murder.
It was very touching because Wayne was so personal it was like a letter to his step father "Rabbit".He talks about how he cant wait to see him in heaven and how he is making "Rabbit" proud.
Not only do I think Wayne has made Rabbit proud but I think he has made New Orleans proud. This song is a classic, "Up To Me"

"The samething make ya laugh make ya cry, and everybody that you love its like they have to die, I pray to the lord everyday and ask him why, and ask him to bless ya soul everytime I pass by" < listen here

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Young Money Has "No Ceilings"

Young Money !! All of them did they part on this Mixtape especially Tyga boy did he kill it and Nicki Minaj.My bad for leaving Short Dawg off I thought he was just affilated,no disrespect play boy

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Apologies

I dont know why I aint been blogging as of late,just been lazy.But I found out I got 2 followers !,that got me feeling good HOO RAY !!!

shouts out to Solo Dolo and Joycelynn

lets get this back on the road

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mae Day - Give It All

Here's a big movie,lol sike but here's the first ever music video (to my knowledge) from the Detriot Female Rapper Mae Day,She's making big moves.Ya'll better watch out,she gonna sneak up on the game and take it over in a mintue.This song is off her dope ass mixtape Cherish The Day,if you dont got it.....WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU ??!!!!

"This is called going hard on viagra"

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Get to Know J. Cole...

Here's a Youtube mix I made of the one and only J.Cole with some of his sickest verses so far.Whats so dope about Joe is he has a message in his songs and he can tell it from a hood perspective.So like it can reach the hoods niggas with his punchlines and hit the real hip hop heads wit the messages and stories he has of his own experiences in the hood.I think he is great for Hip hop and he is the type of rapper Oprah would like lol.He very humble if watch any of his interviews and he's just a "lil nigga from da villie" who is chasing the dream.How can you not root for him ?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Big Sean Performing "Desire,Want and Needs" and "Supa Dupa" Live at SOB's

This Guy is so cold !! I guess cuz "Its so coooolllldd in the D" lol,But foreal yall better pay attnetion he gonna be Big.He spits a sick lil freestyle on the Desire,Want and Needs Freestyle too,The Band is siicckk ,Check it out

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kid Cudi Is A Martian

Listening to this "Man on The Moon" Album one thing I noticed is Kid Cudi is very Different from your average musician in the industry.He has a weird style of harmonized Rap which he nails and his lyrics are honest,he wears his heart on his sleave which is hard to find in the industry today.Songs like "Solo Dolo" and"Soundtrack To My life" are perfect examples of that as Cudi leaves no questions about him unanwsered.
People might call it "stoner music" some people might call it "hipster rap",shit some people might just call it plain weird,but I call it great creative music.Is Cudi a Great Lyricist ? No, Is he a Great Singer ? No, Does he make Great Music tho HELL YES !!! People need to appericate him for what he really is.In the world of autotune, Cudi is changing the game

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Youtube Mix

Back On My bullshit,this is a damn good album people

Saturday, June 6, 2009


That's Right Guys ya boy will be live from SUummer Jam giving you exclusive updates and commentary from the even,so follow me on twitter if you want the goods

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Drake Say You Will Freestyle In Chicago

Tyga - Diddy Bop

this guy is a beast pay attention,his flow is swag is crazy
heres an download link

Sunday, May 24, 2009

VIDEO : Rhymfest - Chicago

OMG the way he goes in on the first verse is crazy "a wholelot of hipsters,internets and kids now,took ya mario mushroom,oh now you big now ? " Get em fest.The cartoon animations are dope too.Fest reminds me of Killer Mike they both hold nothin back and say whatever they feel like

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Eminem Interview and Performance

Interview and then performs we made you,3 am and beautiful

Rick Ross - Cigar Music

This guy should just let his music do the talkin.It's actually pretty dope.Here's another hot hot song that was a bonus track but shoulda have been a real track on Deeper Than Rap.This is fya.Go get that album man

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Big Sean Freestyling For Kanye and The G.O.O.D Music Fam

Check out Detriot's newest sensation winning over Hip Hop Heavy weights Kanye West and Common with his witty lines in this short freetyle. If you dont know Big Sean you better ask somebody,he's dope. Here's a download of his mixtape "UKnowBigSean vol. 2"

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fight Interrupts a Drake show in Chi-Town

around 2:55 the drama starts,damn knuckle heads,why do people do this at shows ? Why cant we all just have a good time for once.You dont always gotta be good my nigga.I agree with Drake "Its too man many beautiful woman in here to be fighting".By the way Lupe was there and Drake/Lupe collabo/ Hip Hop Is coming back !!!
propz to Danielle for the vid

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Drake Takin Ova New Orleans

Intro(the curtains are gone and his peoples appear)

Uptown and paying homage to Lil Wayne

Ransom and November 18

Successful ft Trey Songz

Brand New

Best I Ever Had

Every Girl with Young Money

Bad Quality becuase of the Bass ,but Great Visuals,here is Drizzy Drake Taking over New Orleans accompanied by some familiar faces.This Kid is the future

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Slaughterhouse !!!!!

Exclusive Slaughterhouse from ya boy,Im gettin hookups this features 3/4 of the slaugherhouse where that guy to the far right not being on it.Enjoy

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tyga - Cali Love

People sleeping on this kid, alot of people talking about Drake but this kid is on the comeup also.And his Style is real unique.I think he's here to stay and you know it's "young mula baby" (I think he's still with young money)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Drake Eighty81 Interveiw

Heres a interview in which the hottest upcoming rapper and october's and young money's own Drake speaks on how he got connected with Lil Wayne,His dream record, what makes a perfect 16 and great artist, he gives a advice to yall and talks his future which includes an album that features a song with two of the biggest rappers in the game right now.Very good interview, Drake is very well spoken and humble

MaeDay !!! MaeDay!!!

In a time where female rap is almost non existence comes a female a rapper from Detroit named Mae Day and she's is pretty freakin ILL.She has everything from a ill delivery to dope lyrics to a strong mic presence.I have no doubt in my mind that we are looking at the next great female rapper. With cosigns from Hip Hop legends MC Search and MC Lyte already in the bag.She is destined for greatness."Cherish The Day" is her newest mixtapes and it is influenced and samples the wonderful soothing Sade , who if you dont know who she is you better ask somebody.It has everything from up tempo tracks to aggressive rugged hip hop tracks, lyrical gems are sprinkled all over this tape. So take a listen and SPREAD THE WORD. Maeday is going for the crown

Cherish The Day Tracklisting // Sade originals
1. Maeday Maeday! // Fear
2. DJ (Same Song) // King of Sorrow
3. Hold On // Nothing Can Come Between Us
4. Crime // Is It A Crime
5. Give It All // Give It Up
6. Jezzebelle // Jezzebel
7. Sweetest Taboo // Sweetest Taboo
8. No Ordinary Love // No Ordinary Love
9. Still Love H.I.M. // Your Love Is King
10. Keep Looking // Keep Looking
11. Cherish the Day // Cherish The Day
*all songs produced by Dewitt Moore for De Notes Productions*

Download the Mixtape Here : Click_Here_FOR_DOPENESS

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lil Wayne = Unapperciated and Underated ?

Alot of people like to say the Lil Wayne has fell off.People say "man that carter 3 was trash", "c3 garbage", "Wayne fell off after carter 1 or 2".But i have to strongley disagree.The verses he's been coming with as of late have been fire !!!! I mean from his verse on Akon's "Im So Paid" to his verses on Drake's "So Far Gone" especially his verse on "ignorant Shit" and "Unstoppable" have been crazy.His verses are so witty, he's so creative with his lines and I do agree it is sometimes where I jus SMH at the things he says like on that chris brown forever rmx.

But for the most part I SMH becuase it makes no sense for him to be going that hard all the time !!! Listen to his verse on Jadakiss "Death Wish" Ludacris "Last of Dying Breed".He goes off and absolutely destroys those beats.And those are a small sample.Wayne was at one point overated but now he's almost underated people have been sleeping on him as of late.He's been doing his thing even on the Dedication 3 mixtape where he didnt go as hard as normal.He had a couple of witty verses like on "Magic" and "Get Bizzy" and he murdered the Soulja Boy Freestyle on there.

Basically there is no other rapper like Wayne right now.No rapper that makes you wonder whats he gonna say next .He always keeps his verses and the songs exciting and thats something very few rappers can do.I think people should really apperciate that cuz Weezy is truely keeping hip hop alive
Below is audio of weezy rippen it

Jumpoff and Drizzy !!!

awww yes what we have been waiting for Joe Budden and Drake finally meeting up.Now can we get a collabo is what i want to know....

New Drake Mix !!!

the best of drake part 3, I get's busy with this shit man,focus

heres the download link for you thirsty fuckers