Saturday, October 3, 2009

Get to Know J. Cole...

Here's a Youtube mix I made of the one and only J.Cole with some of his sickest verses so far.Whats so dope about Joe is he has a message in his songs and he can tell it from a hood perspective.So like it can reach the hoods niggas with his punchlines and hit the real hip hop heads wit the messages and stories he has of his own experiences in the hood.I think he is great for Hip hop and he is the type of rapper Oprah would like lol.He very humble if watch any of his interviews and he's just a "lil nigga from da villie" who is chasing the dream.How can you not root for him ?


  1. Hey you should check out his fan site!! for lyrics, photos, vids and more!!

  2. thanks for sharing this, ive been MIA on jcole's music, I have no idea for how long? how long he been rapper for the public ?

    now with this mix u post I can get a better understanding of his music, where he from a gain/

  3. yeah no problem homie thats what its made for,thanks for watching