Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lil Wayne = Unapperciated and Underated ?

Alot of people like to say the Lil Wayne has fell off.People say "man that carter 3 was trash", "c3 garbage", "Wayne fell off after carter 1 or 2".But i have to strongley disagree.The verses he's been coming with as of late have been fire !!!! I mean from his verse on Akon's "Im So Paid" to his verses on Drake's "So Far Gone" especially his verse on "ignorant Shit" and "Unstoppable" have been crazy.His verses are so witty, he's so creative with his lines and I do agree it is sometimes where I jus SMH at the things he says like on that chris brown forever rmx.

But for the most part I SMH becuase it makes no sense for him to be going that hard all the time !!! Listen to his verse on Jadakiss "Death Wish" Ludacris "Last of Dying Breed".He goes off and absolutely destroys those beats.And those are a small sample.Wayne was at one point overated but now he's almost underated people have been sleeping on him as of late.He's been doing his thing even on the Dedication 3 mixtape where he didnt go as hard as normal.He had a couple of witty verses like on "Magic" and "Get Bizzy" and he murdered the Soulja Boy Freestyle on there.

Basically there is no other rapper like Wayne right now.No rapper that makes you wonder whats he gonna say next .He always keeps his verses and the songs exciting and thats something very few rappers can do.I think people should really apperciate that cuz Weezy is truely keeping hip hop alive
Below is audio of weezy rippen it

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