Sunday, April 26, 2009

MaeDay !!! MaeDay!!!

In a time where female rap is almost non existence comes a female a rapper from Detroit named Mae Day and she's is pretty freakin ILL.She has everything from a ill delivery to dope lyrics to a strong mic presence.I have no doubt in my mind that we are looking at the next great female rapper. With cosigns from Hip Hop legends MC Search and MC Lyte already in the bag.She is destined for greatness."Cherish The Day" is her newest mixtapes and it is influenced and samples the wonderful soothing Sade , who if you dont know who she is you better ask somebody.It has everything from up tempo tracks to aggressive rugged hip hop tracks, lyrical gems are sprinkled all over this tape. So take a listen and SPREAD THE WORD. Maeday is going for the crown

Cherish The Day Tracklisting // Sade originals
1. Maeday Maeday! // Fear
2. DJ (Same Song) // King of Sorrow
3. Hold On // Nothing Can Come Between Us
4. Crime // Is It A Crime
5. Give It All // Give It Up
6. Jezzebelle // Jezzebel
7. Sweetest Taboo // Sweetest Taboo
8. No Ordinary Love // No Ordinary Love
9. Still Love H.I.M. // Your Love Is King
10. Keep Looking // Keep Looking
11. Cherish the Day // Cherish The Day
*all songs produced by Dewitt Moore for De Notes Productions*

Download the Mixtape Here : Click_Here_FOR_DOPENESS

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