Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kid Cudi Is A Martian

Listening to this "Man on The Moon" Album one thing I noticed is Kid Cudi is very Different from your average musician in the industry.He has a weird style of harmonized Rap which he nails and his lyrics are honest,he wears his heart on his sleave which is hard to find in the industry today.Songs like "Solo Dolo" and"Soundtrack To My life" are perfect examples of that as Cudi leaves no questions about him unanwsered.
People might call it "stoner music" some people might call it "hipster rap",shit some people might just call it plain weird,but I call it great creative music.Is Cudi a Great Lyricist ? No, Is he a Great Singer ? No, Does he make Great Music tho HELL YES !!! People need to appericate him for what he really is.In the world of autotune, Cudi is changing the game

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