Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sample Muzik : Anniversary

If you listen to Hip hop its a million percent chance you have heard a sample from a song of the past. I for one love samples because it puts me on music that otherwise I would have never heard of, or took the time to listen too. Because of my age and my taste you know ? I think producers like Kanye West, Justice L.E.A.G.U.E and 9th Wonder are some of the best samplers in the game right now. They know how to sample and sample very well.
Imma start something new on my blog where we look at a song that took a sample from an old song and then the original song and today we're gonna start with Tony ! Toni ! Tone ! classic song for the lovers "Anniversary" . Now this song was sampled by New Jersey Lyricist Joe Buddden on a deep track off of his Classic Mixtape Mood Muzick 2 "If I Die Tommorrow" take a listen to both.
The Orginal

The Sample

"I might get frusrated fuckign with the hood son,but everyday above ground is a good one" - Joe Budden


Tony ! Toni ! Tone ! song was also sampled by the lastest Young Money recruit Short Dawg on his latest mixtape :SouthernFlameSpitta Vol. 3" , It's titled "Choosin Me" and Short's wordplay as always is on point as he tells his girl fuck the rumors and the bullshit all that matters is you and me.Real laid back and cut track, check it out

Extra Extra Bonus thanks to my man from JediKnight'sSon from boxden, I now know this Tony,Toni,Tone song was also sampled in a Ja Rule song titled "Murda Me" another song that fits the mood Ja just wanna "Murda The Puss" LOL I dig it listen below


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