Saturday, December 19, 2009

Flashback of The Day : Sho Nuff

This song right is slappin !! so southern and throwed as them boys in H Town would say. Some real playa shit , real slick and cool the beat make u wanna leaaannn and just make u feel cool. Old School Hip Hop from them Memphis boys Tela and 8ball and MJG, Damn 8ball and MJG was so dope back in the day..... Sit back and enjoy leeaan if u wanna just dont stand too close to the edge ya diggg

"We can smoke on mad trees after you get up off of your knees" - 8Ball

Bonus : Lil Twist ft. Short Dawg and Trai'D - Laid Back , Twist happened to sample this song YM Salute !!

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