Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Goals and Dreams

Crooked Long Fingers >> Crooked I's #NoShots

Well if you didnt know it's a new year and new decade which means it's time for newer and better things in my opinion. I only have like 2 life goals this year. One is getting more money than i have right now, which shouldnt be that hard considering im broke as fuck right now. A brotha gotta get a job this year. Speaking of job that leads to my second goal of the year which is be to be a bomb ass rapper and create a buzz for myself. Now I know your proably like "oh god not another wannabee rapper". But it's something I always wanted to do.I been a big fan of hip hop since i was a toddler. Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter II" made me fll in love with it.

Niggas like Wayne, Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy especially Soulja Boy inspired me.Because they all worked hard and got it poppin from having nothin on the table and now they some of the biggest stars in hip hop. Like Soulja Boy got famous off youtube and his dance and then people thought he was just gonna fade away..BUT NOPE FUCKERS !! he still here banging out hits and traveling across the world, selling ringtones and getting money, that inspires the hell out of me.

Now I know no one can blow up overnight it takes patience and the right things to go your way and I know most rappers fail and fall off quicker than premature ejaculation., and some niggas never even get on and they call posting they songs on JBTV a career (no shots). But I figured if some of these wack ass rappers could be all over the radio and tv (not saying no names), than WHY THE FUCK NOT ME ?!?!, especially when I feel I spit better lyrics than most of them, but c'mon in the mainstream who really cares about lyrics right ? it's all about image nowadays.

But anyways yeah im really going to try to get this rapping thing poppin and trying to getting money that's my goals for this year.I feel I have everything else down pact. So ummm stayed tune and join me on my adventure why dont cha

"I want It All That's Why I Strive for It" - Drake

P.S. Imma be blogging more and more this year, more creative and interesting too

peace and love and Happy New Year !

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