Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pray For Haiti

Honestly I havent been paying attention to much news over these past few days, shit as a matter fact i dont watch the news period(I get all my news from Worldstar and other Blogs sadly lol). This story is one of the reasons why, such a horrible tragedy. The death toll somewhere near a hundred thousand I heard. Just a terrible thing that has some questioning their faith and some saying these are signs of the final days. I dont know about all of that, all I can say is its an extremely fucked up situation and the images that ive seen have been heartbreaking.

Shoutout to Wycelf John and his "Yele" organization who help earned over a million dollers too relief and shoutout to every other person who donate money,clothes,food and other needs for relief.If you retweeted a link or just got the word out you did something propz for dat.That's what were suppose to do help eachother out in hard situations.Also Shoutout to Anderson Cooper I seen some amazing footage of him carrying a boy's body thru the carnage that was so dope and deep

You know like even if you arent directly affected by this tragedy you have to atleast feel for them people over there.And it's easy just to turn the channel and watch The Jersey Shore and forget about it and focus on your problems.But I think it's important to atleast pray for them folks over there and hope things turn out for the better even though they alot of things they could never replace over there.So I just wanna say Haiti im keeping yall in my prayers and I hope will never see another tragedy like this again, here's to better moments in 2010 and im trynna move on as THE WORLD KEEPS SPINNIN !!

Heres a Link to different ways you can donate to Haiti

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