Sunday, January 17, 2010

Charles Hamilton is Back Again

Going into 2009 Chales Hamilton not Drake, not Wale, not Kid Cudi had proably the biggest buzz out of any of the new schoolers with his song that got mad spins "Brooklyn Girls" and his grind in the mixtape game, alongside a cypher with a couple of "big_hip_hop_stars'' . But as 2009 progressed Sir Charles caught more L's than Young Berg in 2008 which is hard to fuckin do !! From getting snuffed by his homegirl to Soulja Boy, Rhymefest, and some random White dude ethering him and some_other_L's_ that would stretch this blog out like octomoms pussy,if I had to get into them, It was a pretty tough year for him.

He also exposed himself by putting out too many mixtapes in my opinion, He put out atleast 8 mixtapes in 2009 and I sensed that once supporters were turned off if not by his blunt attitude then by his voice and his relentless blabber in some songs.Charles has the ability to make some crazy dope music but he always has the ability to make some lackluster music. Alot some might say he sounds drowsy when he raps sometime or ask why the uck he tries to sing when he know he cant. But one thing you cant front on in my opinion is the boy can spit !! He is very lyrical in my opinion and songs like "Voices" and "Ambitions_Of_Musicians" showcase that. I also think he is a great producer and some dope beats and has his own unique sound.

After taking a Hiatus from the game after taking some flact for what he claimed about the late. great Detriot producer J. Dilla, C. Hamilton is back !! Dropping his new mixtape "Normalcy".

There's one thing I noticed he hasn't lost it, he sounds hungry and ready to try to get back on top of his game and kill the game. He most defiantly hasn't fell off but can he fall back on in terms of being hot again that's the question. I think he could but only time will tell get em Charles !!

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