Monday, February 8, 2010


Man I cant even front I thought Peyton and them boys was gonna run all over the Saints shotty defense. But nawwww The Saints showed alot of guts and they most defiantly had the home feild advantage. Not trynna give an excuse for the Colts cuz they not even my favorite team (the giants baaayyy beeee) but you can tell who the crowd was pulling for. It was a pretty good FOOTBALL GAME, big ups to Sean Peyton for calling that onside kick at the beginning of the 2nd half defiantly a momentum changer. And some of ya'll might be saying Peyton choked but I dont care he is still a top 3 QB of alltime dude is a beast foreal. Drew Brees is a beast also he broke the completion record crazy !! nice

Im happy for the saints and the city of New Orleans defiantly a good look for them, I was a little thrown off by all the bandwagon saints fans on twitter and it annoyed me and made me wanna pick the Colts even more lol. But I gotta give the Saints they due, they defiantly deserved this WHO DAT !!

p.s. next season ITS THE GIANTS TURN !!

I had to do it !! One of my fav Jeezy songs !! who dat ? WE DAT !!

"only god can judge me who the fuck is you"

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