Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lebron > Kobe

Now look Kobe might be 2nd favorite player of alltime behind Allen Iverson, But as of right now, Im talking this season right here Lebron is killing Kobe. I mean look at Bron's numbers, he is putting up a crazy numbers this year not to mention he got the Cavs with the best record in the East. And Yes I know Kobe's team has the best record overall but he has got way more talent on that team then Lebron has. Niggas wanna hate on Lebron's jumpshot but that shit is water now, when he blocks a shot it sets the momentum and a crazy highlight. The only thing that Kobe got Bron beat on this year is gamewinners,

I know its a classic debate whos better Kobe or Lebron, and I know Kobe's numbers this year are good too. But what Lebron is doing is incredible IMO. He is beasting this year like he did last year when he won the MVP, I wouldnt be suprised if he went back to back on that and its well deserved. So yeah IMO AS OF RIGHT NOW Lebron > Kobe, Overall Kobe > Lebron, But right now ALL HAIL KING JAMES

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