Monday, February 1, 2010


Last night a classic moment happened(I got it all on my VCR tape recorded too FUCK A DVR lol), First Weezy and Eminem came out to perform the crazy song which I beleive is a classic "Drop The World"(which they shot video for last weekened)And then Drake came out to perform his inspirational song "Forever"(mind you this is like his first year on the mainstream side of rap and hes already performing at the GRAMMYS WOW !!)while Travis Barker beat the hell out of the drum in the backround.CBS tried to hate with the censoring on the original broadcast but we got the uncensored version here baay bee HARDCORE !!.The energy was crazy, classic performance , im mad they made is the last peroformance had me watchign the long ass show. BTW Lady Gaga is "unique" and Beyonce is a queen

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