Sunday, March 21, 2010

Drake and Nicki Will Hold It Down

If you didnt know or you havent heard or been living without electricity and cable (shoutout to the struggle). Your favorite bloggers favorite Rapper went to jail 2 weeks ago. Although it was hard on me, it would have most defiantly been hard on the pockets of Cash Money/Young Money with their biggest cash cow goin to jail for almost a year.

But luckily before Weezy went in, he set his eyes on two future stars and put them on. One being Young ANgel in Drake and the other being everybody's faorite barbie in Nicki Minaj.

And in the past year they have held it down, from Dropping dope mixtapes, to doing their on tours, to making brands for themselves, to killing twitter and every tweet they make being retweetable(yes that's a word lol) to killin features on big hit songs and all that monstorous shit.

It's pretty clear that Young Money is gonna be just in good hands with these two driving the ship. Arguably the two hottest rappers in the game right now,. Both of there buzz are as big as a Bun Bee (shoutout to UGK) and it's only getting bigger. As there leader is in jail and they have no toher choice but to HOLD IT DOWN, albums are coming in the summer time for both artist and they will major.

If Weezy is the MJ of Young Money then Drake and Nicki are his Pippen and Rodman(not saying Nicki look like a girl cuz shes a bad bitch).Drizzy and Nick are about to be huge superstars and its still Young Money baby..

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