Sunday, March 30, 2008

Welcome to the world of Cheezy !!

I jus want to set a few things straight.

One - i have no connects in the industry
Two- I stan for Lil Wayne
Three - I steal Links from other Blog(hints the weblink name i-steal-links)
Four - I respect bloggers like Lowkey,Sermon,Mr.X,Shake,Spalsh,Buckmarley,Eskay and the rest of the bloggers wit exclusives
Five - if they dont like me stealing links....well I DONT GIVE A FUCK !!! everyother blgo steals anyway
Six - This is my first time doing a blog,im a virgin to this,nobody has helped me with this
Seven - im trynna be the best
Eight - News and notes from around the entertainment world will be here
Nine - Im a beast
And finally Ten - Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive

oh and follow me on twitter cuz im pretty fucking interesting

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